Your advertisement on our hot rods

More attention is not possible. Except maybe you let a bikini girl zip around the field with your branding on her bikini in the Champions League final. Kinsey Wolanski says hello. But it’s not entirely legal.

Your logo on our cars is just as sexy and less clumsy. On just one sunny weekend we meet hardly any fewer spectators when we cruise through the districts on our city tours.

Our Hot Rods are real eye-catchers and are photographed more often than celebrities on the red carpet. Images keep going viral because we are regularly posted by influencers. Insta, TikTok & Co.: The Hot Rod Brothers channels are also not bad at all in terms of KPI technology. Our little cars have even been spotted on countless Tinder profiles. If this isn’t love!
So if you’re looking for fresh, innovative advertising that reaches people, then feel free to contact us. Kevin advises you on all the unimagined possibilities and works something out with you. Because not only the Hot Rod itself is an absolute all-rounder. But also our Kevin, who easily links people, brands and ideas with his skills.

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